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The hallmarks of the jewellery

The usefulness of the different hallmarks :

Have you ever wondered what this or these little mark(s) were on the back of your jewel?
Well these are hallmarks, I explain their usefulness!

In France, the trade in precious metals and jewelry is strictly regulated.
This is why you will often see hallmarks affixed to your jewelry.

There are two types :

  •   The guarantee mark : it serves to prove that the jewel (gold, silver) is indeed in legal title and to engage the responsibility of the master goldsmith. This punch is mandatory only for jewelry greater than 3 gr in gold and 30 gr in silver. Warranty hallmarks have different shapes depending on the metal and its title. One of the best known is the eagle head for 18K gold or the minerva head in an octagonal frame with the number 1 for 925 silver.

My silver coins not exceeding 30 gr, you will not see or rarely this punch affixed on my jewelry.



  •     The master mark : it allows to identify the jeweller craftsman who made your jewel.
    The master hallmark is for French manufacturers in diamond-shaped and features the initials of the jeweler craftsman and a unique symbol that represents it. It is the jeweller who chooses his drawing, which he will then submit to customs for validation.

    Here in image, the hallmark that will always represent me and that will be affixed on all my jewels.

poinçon originels bijoux
poinçon Originels bijoux
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