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The Origine inspiration

The Origine collection is inspired by the 4 elements that are at the origin of the formation of our beautiful planet Earth.

Indeed, originally the earth was a melted mass, a bit like a fireball. Then this mass, moving away from the sun, eventually cooled leaving a solid rock crust around a still melting-core, creating reliefs sculpting the surface of the earth .

Many meteorites collided with the earth, generating volcanic eruptions releasing large amounts of water vapour , causing the rain and then the oceans.

Volcanic eruptions and tectonic shocks formed mountains.

Gradually a life form appeared in the water, generating dioxygen, a crucial molecule in our atmosphere and later, the ozone layer and consequently the air we breathe.


But enough with the scientific course, let's take a look at the symbolism of the elements.

Fire, water, earth and air, in nature, are the 4 elements that constitute the pillars of the balance of natural spaces.

Indeed, the elements present in our daily life, without necessarily realizing it, show us a nice example of harmony:

  • The fire heats the air <--> Oxygen in the air feeds the fire;

  • Water feeds the land or floods it to create bodies of water <--> The land stores water and sets natural boundaries for it;

  • Fire burns the land and its vegetation to renew it <--> The earth nourishes the fire;

  • Water extinguishes fire <--> The fire heats the water and turns it into the vapor that makes up the air;

  • The air nourishes the earth and carries its seeds allowing it to regenerate, expand and transform itself <--> The vegetation that grows from the earth generates the oxygen in the air and helps purify it;

  • The air carries water and allows it to perpetuate its cycle <--> Water in the air is essential to regulate our temperatures and climates, to maintain vegetation.


Through my Origine collection, I seek to perpetuate these balances.

I was inspired by their strengths, the source of these elements at the origin of all life, but also by their subtle poetry.

I also wanted to highlight their fragility, as a testimony to their duality.

There, an arabesque that represents the breath of the wind.

Here, the fire of a star testifies to the dawn of time.

A topaz, which recalls everywhere the fluidity and magic blue of the water.

What is a beautiful leaf carried by the wind so high?

With this Origine collection, my ambition is to offer you some of our land's harmony!

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